Posted By Staff Writers On July 30, 2020 @ 12:28 pm

Bisnow interviewed CenterPoint’s Chief Investment Officer, Jim Clewlow, to get his perspective on the current state and future of industrial real estate investing.

Read what Bisnow wrote about how the industrial asset class and CenterPoint are prospering even amidst challenging economic conditions in the feature, “What is Core Pricing for Industrial?”:

The pandemic has shaken real estate. While it is still too early to gauge the full impact of the coronavirus, anecdotal evidence suggests that prices are dropping across asset classes, and plummeting in the hospitality and retail markets.

But one asset class looks like it may come out of the pandemic virtually unscathed.

Industrial assets, especially those within core logistics submarkets like coastal ports and trans-continental rail hubs, have barely seen any kind of dent in their pricing, according to the investors who are actively hunting out assets to buy.

“Industrial has never been glamorous, but it’s a steady performer through the business cycles,” said Jim Clewlow, chief investment officer at CenterPoint Properties, an industrial investor that operates 60M SF of industrial space. “Even with the e-commerce surge, it’s the low volatility that makes this an attractive place to be right now.”

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