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Additional Services

At CenterPoint, we don’t simply follow industry trends. We aim to pioneer them. All our teams embrace a culture of continuous innovation in order to provide the best service for our customers.

To assist you with your industrial real estate needs, we have developed a number of service offerings and capabilities that allow us to take on even the most daunting industrial real estate challenges.

We believe our additional services fuel growth and create significant new value for our development customers, tenants, the real estate brokerage community, government agencies with complex real estate needs and the communities in which we do business.

Net-Zero Solutions

We have a unique ability and vested interest in simplifying the transition to zero emissions by partnering with our customers, communities, and stakeholders to build, finance, and maintain industry-leading zero-emission power, transportation, and logistics solutions.

Rooftop solar arrays

Zero-Emission Power Solutions

We offer our customers “energy as a service,” a simple solution to deploying on-site, zero-emission power solutions. We manage the design, permitting, construction, operations, and maintenance of on-site power solutions – such as solar panels and commercial batteries – and our customers agree to purchase the energy service as an integrated part of their lease at a price equal to what the local utility offers.

EV charger

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

We understand the vital role trucking operations play in global commerce and the profound ways that vehicle electrification will impact freight. That’s why we offer “turn-key” electric charging services – “charging as a service.” We handle the design, permitting, construction, operations, and maintenance of electric vehicle charging solutions. And when paired with our zero-emission power solutions, we aim to simplify our customers’ transition to zero-emission transportation solutions.

Environmental Due Diligence

We have a dedicated due diligence team that assists buyers, sellers, and financing entities with everything from preliminary environmental assessments and obtaining environmental insurance to defining and executing detailed remediation plans.


Over the years, CenterPoint has developed deep expertise in federal, state, and local environmental regulatory requirements (CERCLA, RCRA, CWA, Lead Disclosure Laws, etc.), and we’ve overseen countless projects involving brownfield remediation, contamination containment, hazardous waste removal, and other environmental challenges.

Industrial Real Estate Financing

CenterPoint works with customers of all sizes to develop customized industrial real estate financing solutions, including single property and portfolio sale lease-back transactions that can turn fixed assets into working capital, improve cash flow, strengthen balance sheets and drive tax benefits.

Our access to capital and working industry knowledge make us true partners to organizations that need to unlock the power of capital invested in their real estate assets or creatively finance a new industrial real estate project.

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CenterPoint can deliver on alternative and innovative financing solutions. We help our customers:

  • Identify the opportunity cost of capital
  • Free up capital for new opportunities
  • Reduce financial risk
  • Maximize operating flexibility
  • Tap into new sources of capital

Advanced Real Estate Technology

CenterPoint’s award-winning team of information systems professionals researches and builds new proprietary technology solutions that streamline our operations and drive client results.

Advances in cloud, mobile and enterprise technology are transforming the real estate industry, and CenterPoint is leading the charge. By combining our business process and information technology teams into a single group, we’re able to drive greater efficiency and create a platform that is more responsive to our customers’ needs. Our commitment to following cyber security best practices helps keep our operations more secure.

We are active members in various trade groups and associations such as Realcomm and the ITOC, working with our peers to share ideas and accelerate the use of technology in our sector.

CenterPoint Warehouse Sustainability Interior Photo

To date, CenterPoint has developed a slate of internal and customer-facing tools, including:

  • Custom software for more efficient project management
  • Mobile applications for employee and prospective customer portfolio searches
  • Advanced underwriting analytics software to more accurately model opportunities
  • Innovative requirements and document management systems for large-scale construction management
  • CUB – CenterPoint’s Universal Business System – our all-encompassing enterprise portal that integrates business intelligence, reporting, real estate management, collaboration, and social media technology