Welcome to the CenterPoint BrandHub

At CenterPoint, we pride ourselves on maintaining a strong and cohesive brand across all touchpoints. Through the CenterPoint BrandHub, you have access to all brand and property marketing assets that you need to successfully join us on this mission.

Use the category tabs to the left to navigate through and download available assets. Should you need a custom asset or have issues accessing any of the tools available here, please contact a member of our team.

Contact Information

Gracie Favuzzi

Sr. Graphic Designer


Noreen Gallery

Sr. Event Planner


Michael Noonan

Sr. Communications Specialist


Katelyn Foehner

Marketing Coordinator


Master Brand Assets



PMS: 288 C


RGB: 33.55.108

HEX: #21376C

Light Blue

PMS: 2193 C


RGB: 15.153.214

HEX: #0F99D6

Dark Gray

PMS: 439 C


RGB: 68.67.69

HEX: #434248


PMS: 142 C


RGB: 243.188.72

HEX: #F3BC48


Arial (General Brand)

CenterPoint recommends using Arial as a font backup if other brand fonts are not available.

Broker Templates

Photography Treatment

Tone-on-Tone Photo Editor

Copy & Content

Boilerplate Copy Templates

CenterPoint MapHub™

How to Use

Step 1

Launch CenterPoint MapHub™ tool.

Step 2

Enter in the location address or coordinates.

Step 3

Set desired zoom level.

Step 4

Drop location marker pin by clicking on map location.

Step 5

Capture hi-res screenshot by pressing the Windows key + PrtScn on a PC, or press and hold Shift, Command, and 4 on a Mac. An image of the map will be saved in your computer’s images or screenshots folder, depending on your computer settings.

CenterPoint MapHub™ Tool

Map Toolkit

If you would like to add additional markers to your branded map such as roadways, ports, and additional property callouts, please use the elements found in our map toolkit.