Last-Mile Reimagined

Bringing Sustainability to Modern Logistics

Experience the total transformation of CenterPoint's SoCal Logistics Center into an environmentally sound, sustainable and modern logistics facility.

Repositioning | ESG Case Study

6800 Valley View, Buena Park, CA

The Genesis of Renewal and Reimagination

When CenterPoint Properties acquired the massive SoCal Logistics Center (SCLC), its leaders knew they had landed one of the largest contiguous infill warehouse sites in the LA and Orange County markets.

They also knew it was truly a diamond in the rough for an e-commerce tenant looking to tap into the region’s abundant labor and affluent customer base, all while having cost-effective access to the entire region’s critical shipping channels. However, to meet the needs of last-mile tenants of today and the future, CenterPoint also knew it had to devote significant resources to implement a strategic repositioning plan to transform it into an environmentally sustainable, energy efficient and truly modern logistics facility.

So, CenterPoint put the ingenuity of its development team and project partners to the test to pull off an aggressive $20 million repositioning in just 9 months.

This repositioning project perfectly showcases CenterPoint’s deep commitment to developing high-performance industrial facilities that give our customers distinct environmental, economic and operational advantages.”

Kim Rierson

Vice President, Construction

Site Transformation

CenterPoint is focused on instituting market-leading environmental upgrades while also delivering modernization features that would give tenants a competitive advantage at a significant long-term cost savings.

Pre-Transformation Pictures

Pre-Transformation Pictures

Pre-Transformation Pictures

Post-Transformation Pictures

Post-Transformation Pictures

Post-Transformation Pictures

Post-Transformation Pictures

The whole team worked diligently with a tight construction timeframe over just nine months. The focused repositioning of this property made it viable to future tenants for many years to come.”

Bob Andrews

Senior Vice President, Asset Management

Key Repositioning Upgrades

*Industry averages (Actual savings will be calculated after one year of occupancy)
** According to a 2019 U.S. Green Building Council survey


Drought-tolerant landscapes use


Less water*

  • Reflective thermoplastic polyolefin roof membrane
  • Drought-tolerant landscaping

Indoor Environmental Quality

High-quality indoor air makes


Of employees say they are more productive**

  • Improved insulation levels in ceiling, walls and floors
  • Low-emitting construction materials
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint
  • ASHRAE Standard 55-2004 thermal comfort requirements

Water Efficiency

Upgraded facilities save


More water*

  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • Energy Star®-certified fixtures

Energy and Atmosphere

Upgraded lighting results in


Lower energy bills*

  • Interior + exterior LED lighting
  • Energy efficient HVAC
  • 948 new skylights

CenterPoint’s Environmental Commitment

CenterPoint Properties is determined to not only meet requirements for environmental sustainability, but to exceed them to set a new industry standard of excellence. Our strategy to provide tenants with facilities that are eco-friendly and cost efficient is anchored by these four pillars:

CenterPoint is committed to improving the performance of our existing facilities, and this project demonstrates how operational improvements can be made while incorporating key environmental benefits that reduce our carbon footprint, provide energy savings and reduce emissions.”

Lindy Schrik

Director of ESG

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