Proprietary Technology to Improve Customer Service

CenterPoint's award-winning team of information systems professionals researches and builds new proprietary technology solutions that streamline our operations and drive client results.

Advancing the State of the Art for Industrial Real Estate Technology

Advances in cloud, mobile and enterprise technology are transforming the real estate industry, and CenterPoint is leading the charge. By combining our business process and information technology teams into a single group, we are able to drive greater efficiency and create a platform that is more responsive to our customer’s needs. We are active members in various trade groups and associations such as Realcomm and the ITOC, working with our peers to share ideas and accelerate the use of technology in our sector.

To date, CenterPoint has developed a slate of internal and customer-facing tools, including:

  • Custom software for more efficient project management
  • Mobile applications for employee and prospective customer portfolio searches
  • Advanced underwriting analytics software to more accurately model opportunities
  • Innovative requirements and document management systems for large-scale construction management
  • CUB – CenterPoint’s Universal Business System, our all-encompassing enterprise portal that integrates business intelligence, reporting, real estate management, collaboration and social media technology
  • A mobile app to search our portfolio, access company news, contact our employees and learn about our projects