The CenterPoint Investment Advantage

As a market-leading industrial real estate company with more than three decades of investment experience, we are equipped to move fast and smart. CenterPoint brings together the financial resources, in-depth market knowledge and personal relationships required to close complex deals.

Key differentiators for our Investment team include:

Unique Specialization

CenterPoint specializes in port, highway and rail-proximate industrial properties. If it’s strategic to somebody’s supply chain, we’re interested.

Broker Friendly

Others have access to capital too, but few know how to treat industrial brokers right. We move fast, and we pay fast.

Market Knowledge

We focus on strategic, transportation-advantaged markets. Within those markets, we have deep expertise and connections that allow us to rapidly assess investment opportunities and move quickly on acquisitions.

Local Decision-Makers

We’ve got “feet on the street” in the major markets we focus on. If you’re in one of our markets, odds are you already know our team.

Quick & Accurate Response

Nobody wins when a buyer doesn’t respond quickly to a seller or their broker. Present an opportunity and you’ll get a response in a hurry. In fact, this is why we get so many “first looks” on deals from brokers who know us well.

Certainty of Close

Entities that are looking to divest properties or bring in co-investors need trusted partners who are not capital-constrained and who live up to their promises. With a long track record that has made us the go-to buyer for industrial real estate brokers and corporate real estate executives, CenterPoint delivers on certainty of close.

Shortest Closing Cycle

Certainty of close is one thing, speed to close is another. Our broker partners are astounded by how fast we move when it’s time to close a transaction.

Creative Solutions

Some industrial real estate deals are hard to get done…until you turn to CenterPoint. We’ve orchestrated some of the most creative and complex industrial real estate deals ever undertaken.

Significant Capital and All-Cash Deals.

Money is no object for CenterPoint. Our pockets are deep and we will pay a premium for deals that are strategic to us and our clients. We don’t need to go find money once we say we are interested in an opportunity, and we are known in the industry as an all-cash buyer – a strategy we embrace because it allows us to move quickly when you need us to.

In-House Risk Management Team

CenterPoint was designed from the ground-up to allow us to move rapidly on industrial real estate acquisition and co-investment opportunities. Accordingly, we’ve brought risk management and other key functions in-house, ensuring a streamlined and efficient investment process that does right by brokers and property owners.

No Appraisals with Lenders

More often than not, lenders slow down deals. That’s why we don’t require lender appraisals and have set ourselves up to close deals without them.

Joint Ventures

We often partner with government agencies, railroads, ocean carriers, ports and other large transportation entities to improve transportation infrastructure or execute on a large-scale industrial real estate initiative. The more complex and ambitious the deal, the more likely it is that CenterPoint is the right joint venture partner for the job.


Actively Seeking Industrial Real Estate Acquisition Opportunities

We are one of the most active industrial real estate buyers in the country. Our team is prepared to collaborate with anyone, from industrial real estate brokers to third-party logistics providers, on acquisitions that improve transportation infrastructure and reduce supply chain expenses and inefficiencies.

The bottom line? Entities that are looking to divest properties or bring in co-investors need trusted partners who are not capital-constrained and who live up to their promises. They are also looking for partners who return calls quickly and don’t string them along endlessly before making an investment decision. We deliver on these requirements. Recognized as one of the top industrial real estate investor groups in the country, CenterPoint is the ideal partner for brokers and property owners looking to move quickly on a noteworthy transaction that involves transportation-advantaged industrial real estate.