Moving Quickly on Strategic Deals

If it’s strategic to somebody’s supply chain, we’re interested. We’re an all-cash buyer with significant capital, we’ve nurtured extensive marketplace relationships, and we have a track record of responding to inquiries immediately. If you need a quick close, we’re prepared to make it happen.

CenterPoint Property Investments by the Numbers:

$7 B FMV

assets acquired since 2015

$5.1 B

total assets acquired since 2015

31.0 M SF

acquired since 2015

27.1 M SF

sold since 2015

83% Coastal Properties

$2.1 B

assets sold since 2015

Our Competitive Edge


We have representatives on site in over nine U.S. markets. If you’re in one of our regions, odds are you already know our team.

Financial Strength

We have the capital to negotiate and close highly strategic deals. We don’t lose time finding money when we’re interested in a property—we already have it.

Broker Relationships

Other firms have capital, but we’re thinking three steps ahead when we leverage ours. When we see a property that’s strategic to our clients’ needs, we move fast and pay fast. In fact, many brokers are astounded by our speed when it’s time to close a transaction. And given our track record of efficiency and reliability, we often get first looks from brokers who know us well.


We’re used to working with government agencies, railroads, third-party logistics providers, ocean carriers, ports and other transportation entities on infrastructure and large-scale real estate projects. We’ve orchestrated some of the most creative and complex real estate deals ever—and we’re prepared to partner with anyone to make them happen.


CenterPoint is designed to make rapid decisions on acquisition and co-investment opportunities. Our organizational structure cuts out red tape and keeps us nimble. We’ve brought risk management and other key functions in-house so we can streamline the investment process. And, we’ve developed proprietary technology to increase efficiency and operational effectiveness. Unlike other firms, we’ve set ourselves up to close deals without time-consuming lender appraisals.

CenterPoint can close on strategically-located properties that meet your needs. Contact the experts on our Investment team to learn more.