The CenterPoint Development Advantage

Those who are familiar with our track record know that this is not the place to go for run-of-the-mill industrial real estate projects. When you work with CenterPoint, you gain access to the expertise, resources and capital it takes to ensure a strong return on investment for large and complex real estate development projects.

Key differentiators for our Development team include:

A Track Record of Firsts

CenterPoint has been on the leading edge of industrial real estate development since we started. We built the first inland port. We were the first industrial real estate firm to build in-house global supply chain expertise to better serve our clients. When you partner with CenterPoint, you’re partnering with an innovator.

We Perform

CenterPoint is reliable, responsive and fast. We perform and deliver on our promises in large part because we have the flexibility, creativity and expertise to solve tough problems quickly. We’ve never paid liquidated damages for delays because we always deliver on time.


CenterPoint has the in-house skills to take on very ambitious, very complex development projects, particularly those that center on transportation advantage and infrastructure. From LEED accredited professionals to brownfield remediation specialists to public-private partnership expertise, we’ve got you covered.

Access to Capital

Our financial strength makes us an ideal industrial real estate developer for your project. Our partnership with CalPERS allows us to invest significant amounts of capital in development projects.

National Platform

We are active in over 20 major markets nationally, with premium land available for development that has unmatched proximity to ports, rail terminals, major interstates and population centers.

Broker Friendly

We have excellent relationships in the industrial real estate brokerage community, in large part because brokers count on us to solve problems and keep projects moving forward.

Logistics Expertise

We have deep relationships with the railroads, ocean carriers, and other key players in transportation and logistics. We have built massive developments, including expansive manufacturing and warehousing facilities, tied to intermodal and logistics. That’s why logistics leaders like BMW, Home Depot and Wal-Mart turn to CenterPoint when they are looking to deploy facilities strategically to improve their supply chain.

Public-Private Partnerships

We often partner with government agencies, railroads, ocean carriers, ports and other large transportation entities to improve transportation infrastructure or execute on a large-scale industrial real estate initiative. The more complex and ambitious the deal, the more likely it is that CenterPoint is the right joint venture partner for the job.