Infrastructure & Transportation Solutions

CenterPoint's transportation infrastructure development team focuses on intermodal terminal and maritime port related infrastructure, industrial buildings and container/equipment facility development and ownership.

Our projects are strategically located to offer our customers critical access and proximity to ports, rail terminals, major interstates and population centers.

In the race to drive down operating costs and grow revenues, businesses shouldn’t have to sacrifice efficiency for bottom-line improvement.

CenterPoint offers logistically advantaged real estate that helps organizations streamline their supply chains to become more profitable and enhance service levels. More than half of our portfolio assets are strategically located with direct intermodal access and proximity to ports, bulk, barge and rail terminals, bridges, and major interstates.

CenterPoint Intermodal Centers are designed to embody a campus environment, offering a full logistics transportation package, including warehousing and distribution services, cross-dock, grain transloading and container storage facilities.

Organizations that take advantage of CenterPoint’s strategically located industrial facilities realize a number of transportation benefits, including:

  • Reduced drayage costs
  • Foreign Trade Zone savings
  • Minimized carbon footprints
  • On-site amenities, such as container yards and equipment management
  • Proximity to population centers and labor pools
  • Immediate access to local, domestic and international trade routes


CenterPoint Infrastructure & Transportation Team

CenterPoint’s seasoned Infrastructure and Transportation team works with some of the country’s largest transportation operators and is uniquely positioned to help companies improve their supply chains and reduce logistics expenses.

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