Improving Aging, Obsolete and Underfunded Port Infrastructure

We help modernize aging and underfunded U.S. port infrastructure and expand ports' intermodal logistics capabilities to capitalize on growing trade volumes and customer demand.

Our Port Infrastructure Development Capabilities

We develop large-scale intermodal logistics facilities near coastal and inland ports, including:

  • Container terminals
  • Near and on-dock rail terminals
  • Ancillary industrial facilities

CenterPoint is uniquely positioned with the expertise, dedicated team, deep capital and public-private partnership (P3) track record to develop, redevelop and modernize container terminals and other port-related industrial and transportation infrastructure.

Our flexible approach and extensive network of supply chain relationships allow us to maximize port, state and local community interests while enhancing port infrastructure and logistics capacity.

We do not need to source third-party funding for port infrastructure projects, which allows us to move quickly when presented with a partnership opportunity. Our private capital ensures long-term stability and certainty of financing, regardless of fluctuations in the economy or stock market.


Key Port Markets for CenterPoint

CenterPoint is active in major coastal port markets, and we continue to expand our presence in important port markets. Currently, we are active in:

CenterPoint also has developed, and is active in, several inland port markets, including:


Committed to a Streamlined Intermodal National Supply Chain

Through our partnerships with railways, ocean carriers and logistics firms, CenterPoint understands the important role coastal and inland ports play in the global shipping equation.

We recognize that the most efficient approach to shipping and distribution focuses on diversification across multiple modes of transportation. We strongly believe that enhanced coastal port infrastructure and optimized inland ports are critical enablers for manufacturers and distributors to improve supply chain efficiency.

To improve multi-modal transportation opportunities and transportation infrastructure at your port or port-proximate facilities, please get in touch with CenterPoint’s Infrastructure and Transportation team.