E-Commerce Facility Site Selection, Design, Development and Warehouse Optimization

E-commerce is dramatically changing the calculus of facility site selection and design for manufacturers, distributors and retailers. At CenterPoint, we’re ahead of the curve in leading our partners to more competitive e-commerce fulfillment capabilities.

A Track Record of Successful E-Commerce Distribution Center Development

Some of the top online retailers in the country trust CenterPoint to develop their e-commerce warehouses.

We understand the need for speed in the digital space. In this modern era, transportation-advantaged facilities are enabling emerging trends like same-day delivery while reducing transportation costs and inventory costs. They need to be built quickly, and when development is complete, they need to facilitate speed in getting goods to market.

CenterPoint’s resources and experience allow us to develop exceptional, state-of-the-art e-commerce distribution centers that are close to your customers and optimized to take maximum advantage of national and global transportation infrastructure.

CenterPoint’s development capabilities, access to capital and broad asset portfolio mean that we can handle even the most complex and daunting e-commerce real estate requirements. We can help you meet your e-commerce needs through smart facility selection, streamlined development and strategic customization, allowing your organization to improve profitability and outperform competitors.

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