Ford before re-develop Ford after re-develop

Ford Campus, South Chicago

CenterPoint’s development team worked with the City to repurpose a formal steel mill site in Southeast Chicago that sat abandoned for 40 years. The 1.6 Million square foot campus is home to an array of Ford’s top-tier suppliers, and is strategically located one-half mile away from the automaker’s Torrence Avenue Assembly Plant. By centralizing its suppliers in such close proximity to the final assembly line, Ford has been able to mitigate warehouse and distribution inefficiencies, create jobs and minimize new vehicle turnaround time from weeks to mere days.

Joliet_before Joliet_after

Joliet Arsenal

In 2002, CenterPoint opened the CenterPoint Intermodal Center in Joliet and Elwood, Ill., a 6,500-acre project that involved the redevelopment of the former Joliet Arsenal, a U.S. superfund site.

CenterPoint’s development, investment and infrastructure professionals worked alongside public agencies at virtually all levels of government, as well as private sector partners, to turn the site into a modern intermodal center and industrial business park. As part of the redevelopment process, CenterPoint orchestrated major remediation of the land’s soil and groundwater contamination, leftover after years of wartime ammunition production during the Joliet Arsenal’s existence. To date, $35 Million in grants have been secured to construct new water and sewage systems to better serve and protect park tenants and community residents.

Bannister Federal Complex Redevelopment

In 2014, CenterPoint began conducting an extensive +18-month site analysis and environmental review of the Bannister Federal Complex (BFC). The 5 million square foot complex has served as one of the nation’s foremost national security assets, most recently home to the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) as well as the General Services Administration (GSA) and other federal tenants.

CenterPoint’s site analysis includes performing an assessment and developing a plan for demolishing obsolete facilities and preparing for the environmental and economic restoration of the property.

McCook before re-develop McCook after re-develop

McCook Business Centers I & II

In 1997, CenterPoint completed demolition and extensive soil and groundwater remediation on an abandoned 155-acre manufacturing plant. From there, CenterPoint developed 1.7 Million SF of modern industrial space.

In 2003, CenterPoint acquired a 3.5 Million SF, 242-acre former aluminum plant. CenterPoint spearheaded environmental remediation efforts of 240 Recognized Environmental Conditions and developed 2 Million SF of light manufacturing and distribution facilities for 12 users.