The CenterPoint Asset Management Advantage

CenterPoint is a trusted property owner focused on operating functional, accessible facilities that drive tenant success. With a vast portfolio of industrial buildings across the country, we have the inventory and resources to accommodate any customer's complex property needs.

Key differentiators for our Property Management team include:

Full-Service Property Teams

Our property management teams have decades of experience overseeing a variety of industrial assets. Each operations team includes regional and property-specific managers, maintenance and accounting staff, and dedicated experts who manage tax and insurance liability requirements for each asset.

Logistically Advantaged Properties

We’ve built a portfolio of transportation-advantaged warehouse and distribution facilities that provide tenants immediate proximity to ports, rail terminals, major interstates and population centers.

Tailored Construction Resources

Our dedicated in-house construction team and network of approved vendors customize and improve facilities to meet tenants’ unique needs, timelines and budgets.

Zero Tenant Unhappiness Standards

Excellent customer service is a journey, not a destination. CenterPoint conducts regular client surveys to better understand our tenants’ experiences and to identify ways to elevate our property management efforts.

Flexible Leasing

CenterPoint takes an inclusive approach to operations, and will work with tenants to restructure leases at any time to support specific requirements.

Value Add Financial Services

Tenants have access to an assortment of “value-add” solutions throughout acquisitions and dispositions, including accounting, billing, budgeting and due diligence support.

Contractor Management

Our property managers regularly work with tenants to identify, contract and manage vendors to handle maintenance and project needs — from landscaping and roof repairs to regulatory inspections, alarm monitoring and pest control.

Proven Compliance

Each CenterPoint property management team adheres to proven, audited processes to ensure efficiency and tenant satisfaction across everything we do.