CenterPoint: Our Industrial Real Estate Expertise

At CenterPoint, we've developed a reputation for finding innovative real estate solutions that leverage our expertise in transportation, distribution and logistics.

Our professional competencies extend across a range of activities, including:


Skilled in acquiring transportation-advantaged property in key logistics markets.


Experienced in identifying and developing creative industrial real estate solutions that are located near key transportation nodes.

Infrastructure and Transportation

Enabler of growth-minded organizations seeking innovative solutions to enhance supply chain efficiency.

Government Services

Partner to government agencies with highly-complex industrial real estate needs that require our unique talents.

Asset Management

Owner and operator of a diverse portfolio of strategically located industrial properties around the nation.

CenterPoint’s Industrial Real Estate Experts

Our expertise enables us to complete complex industrial real estate projects reliably and quickly. Backed by more than three decades of investment, development and management experience, we are one of North America’s top industrial real estate firms, with a primary focus on logistically advantaged real estate.

We believe that the most efficient approach to shipping and distribution focuses on diversification across multiple modes of transportation. Inland ports enable manufacturers and distributors to improve supply chain efficiency by tapping into multi-modal transportation opportunities at strategic locations throughout the U.S.

CenterPoint has multifaceted experience in the development and redevelopment of inland and intermodal ports. Combined with our relationships with railways and logistics providers, our expertise in site selection, especially as it relates to companies that rely on an efficient supply chain, equips us with the tools to meet growing demand for transportation and logistics in key inland markets.