• CenterPoint ESG Environmental Responsibility

Caring for the Planet is Part of Doing Business

At CenterPoint, we believe industrial real estate presents an opportunity and a responsibility to make our world a little greener. So we find smart logistics solutions to cut carbon emissions. We develop energy-efficient buildings that save resources. And we ensure proper disposal of hazardous materials to make tenants, communities and local environments safer. We ground our operations in sustainability so we can preserve resources for years to come—and improve bottom lines.

Energy Efficiency

Brownfield Redevelopment

Green Certifications


Reducing Your Waste and Energy Costs

Sustainable operations are a cornerstone of our industrial portfolio. When we evaluate our properties, we take a critical look at our carbon footprint and seek opportunities to implement more efficient, cost-effective measures. We’re constantly working to incorporate sustainability features like:

  • Hybrid car parking, carpool parking and bicycle storage
  • “Cool” white PVC and TPO roofs that lower energy costs and aid stormwater management
  • Water-conserving irrigation systems and plumbing
  • Native, drought-tolerant landscaping plants
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Skylights and clerestory windows that enable natural ventilation and minimize glare and solar heat gain
  • HVAC/ Thermostat Upgrades
  • Mechanical systems and HVAC / thermostat upgrades
  • Motion-sensitive lighting sensors
  • Low-emitting sealants, adhesives and carpeting

CenterPoint Brownfield Redevelopment

Restoring Contaminated Land

Rebuilding and revitalizing brownfield real estate can be complicated. But handled properly, brownfields can be developed into highly efficient, sustainable properties that create new jobs and improve infrastructure. Our Brownfield Redevelopment team has the expertise to make brownfields work for your goals while deftly navigating the liabilities typically associated with contaminated real estate.

Take a look at some of our most successful brownfield redevelopment projects.

Lower acquisition and development costs

Increased property
values post-cleanup

Potential for government grants and tax incentives

Increased sustainability and lessened carbon footprint

CenterPoint Green Certifications

Maximizing efficiency and long-term profitability

CenterPoint has years of experience adhering to green standards and navigating environmental regulations. Over the past few years, we’ve grown our portfolio of properties certified by USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) — and our commitment to meeting these standards continues.

We also continually keep tabs on the water usage, energy utilization and overall carbon footprint of our properties using ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager.


Green Star Accolade Since 2018

22 Green Certified Properties

100% of Employees

Received Sustainability
Training and Vitality Accounts

CenterPoint has been a USGBC corporate member since 2007 and a proud partner of GRESB and ENERGY STAR.