• CenterPoint ESG Corporate Governance

Leading with Integrity

CenterPoint invests in the environment and local communities because it’s the right thing to do. But prioritizing sustainability, community service and responsible business practices also makes our organization stronger. Our leadership’s commitment to championing fair labor, avoiding reputational and climate risks, and cultivating sustainable assets makes us resilient and ensures our success for years to come.

Maintaining Standards and Achieving Consistency

We govern our business so that important policies and procedures are implemented consistently. That means your CenterPoint experience will maintain the same level of excellence whether you’re talking to our market experts in New York or Phoenix. We’ve built a reputation on doing things the right way, and our strong leadership helps us uphold our standards at all times.

Doing Remarkable Work—And Doing Right By Workers

We know our properties revitalize economies through local job creation. But we don’t just create jobs—we work to create good jobs. Through our Responsible Contracting Policy (RCP), CenterPoint affirms fair wages, fair benefits and appropriate working conditions for workers employed by contractors, subcontractors and service providers.

We’re Experts at Mitigating Risk—So You Can Count On Us

At CenterPoint, we’re pros at assessing risk and controlling it. Our team of risk management experts helps us spot potential liabilities and plan accordingly. And our extensive business continuity plans give us stability and confidence. No matter the circumstances, you can rest assured that CenterPoint’s business operations will go on.