CenterPoint Properties Annual Event – Frequently Asked Questions

CenterPoint’s Annual Event is an exclusive, invitation-only occasion to celebrate the industrial real estate brokers that help us drive consistent, valuable results. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding the event. For additional information please contact,

How do I get an invitation to the Annual Event?

CenterPoint invites brokers from across our key markets to attend the Annual Event. Invites are determined based on brokers’ previous work with CenterPoint.

How many brokers are invited to the Annual Event each year?

On average, 20 to 30 brokers are invited each year.

How long is the Annual Event?

The Annual Event is typically a two to three day trip. CenterPoint provides attendees with a full trip itinerary in advance.

If invited to the event, am I responsible for my own travel arrangements?

No, CenterPoint’s team handles all travel and lodging arrangements for event attendees, including transit to/from airports, hotels and various activities on the event itinerary.

Where has the Annual Event been held in the past?

The Annual Event is held in a new city each year. Previous events have taken place in San Francisco, Chicago and New York City. For more information about previous events, please visit one of our Past Events pages.