Annual Event


“Wow! I have been thinking back to how amazing everything was ā€” the accommodations, itinerary and immense attention to detail at every activity and turn! It was just so much fun and great to be with such a genuine group of people. I will never forget how nice and rewarding it was, beyond what I could have imagined. ”
—Kate Woodcox, Cushman & Wakefield

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Annual Event


“You guys have totally outdone yourselves once again. That was simply the best trip ever. You are top notch and first class (literally) all the way. I am so honored to have been included on such a special trip. Looking forward to bringing more deals and filling our buildings together. ”
—Jason Ovadia, JLL

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Annual Event


“I just wanted to thank you guys for putting on an awesome event!!! It was first class all the way and completely flawless from start to finish. Iā€™m actively reviewing our deal pipeline to strategize how I can make it back next year!”
—Christopher Norvell, HFF

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Annual Event


“The annual broker event was exceptional - the venue and activities were great. CenterPoint is a class organization and it is a privilege to work with them on a daily basis.”
—Kelly Landwermeyer, Holt Lunsford Commercial

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About CenterPoint’s Annual Event

CenterPoint understands that brokers are the backbone of our business. Each year, top-producing industrial real estate brokers are selected to attend CenterPoint’s Annual Event. These brokers are treated to events considered to be once-in-a-lifetime. We try to give, in a few days, our gratitude to the brokers in a way that embodies their hard work and dedication to our company. CenterPoint arranges a getaway that is meant to highlight, thank and congratulate the efforts of our broker partners.

From riding chase boats at the America’s Cup to exclusive access with celebrity meet-and-greets and behind the scenes experiences, our Annual Event isn’t your run-of-the-mill outing. Each year, our team carefully plans a destination trip for brokers to not only relax, but to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences.



CenterPoint Properties Annual Event ā€“ Frequently Asked Questions

CenterPoint’s Annual Event is an exclusive, invitation-only occasion to celebrate the industrial real estate brokers that help us drive consistent, valuable results. Below are some of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding the event. For additional information please contact,

How do I get an invitation to the Annual Event?

CenterPoint invites brokers from across our key markets to attend the Annual Event. Invites are determined based on brokers’ previous work with CenterPoint.

How many brokers are invited to the Annual Event each year?

On average, 20 to 30 brokers are invited each year.

How long is the Annual Event?

The Annual Event is typically a two to three day trip. CenterPoint provides attendees with a full trip itinerary in advance.

If invited to the event, am I responsible for my own travel arrangements?

No, CenterPoint’s team handles all travel and lodging arrangements for event attendees, including transit to/from airports, hotels and various activities on the event itinerary.

Where has the Annual Event been held in the past?

The Annual Event is held in a new city each year. Previous events have taken place in Cuba, Bermuda, San Francisco, Chicago and New York City.