Posted By Staff Writers On June 13, 2019 @ 9:32 am

In the Inbound Logistics May 2019 issue, Brian McKiernan, CenterPoint Senior Vice President of Development, weighs in on what makes a site appealing to intermodal shippers. One major factor is the need for facilities to be near major transportation nodes, which certainly plays into CenterPoint’s strategy when deciding where to locate its intermodal centers.

“It’s important to work with clients to understand what trade lanes and services they’re using because they’re the ones who ultimately drive where the containers are going and what locations make sense,” said McKiernan.

CenterPoint also focuses on developing facilities that are adaptable as intermodal practices evolve over time.

“We’re seeing companies find efficiencies in a lot of different ways now, and we’re making sure that we’re designing facilities that can accommodate those evolving efficiency trends over time.”

To read the full commentary on pages 98–100, click here.