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Posted By Staff Writers On August 3, 2020 @ 1:28 pm

CenterPoint Properties’ Vice President of Investments, Greg Pearson, was a guest on “America’s Commercial Real Estate Show,” hosted by Michael Bull.

Among topics Greg and Michael discuss in this podcast are what Greg sees in the future for industrial real estate, and what sets CenterPoint apart from other firms.

Michael: “Let’s talk about that kind of last-mile type of property. You know…everybody wants everything now, right? We want to get it on our computer. You guys are helping with…infill-type of projects, right?”

Greg: “Yes, that’s right. You know it’s really exciting, at CenterPoint we focus on what I call ‘gateway markets.’ I’m responsible for Los Angeles or Southern California, the San Francisco area, and Seattle/Tacoma. All three of those markets are unified by a demand and a want for things now – faster and faster – which has made my job exciting. We help people reinvent supply chains and take the warehouse that you hid behind the airport and move it closer to the Main Street, and try to help cities and users reinvent how they think about industrial warehousing…and hopefully try to create some sales tax base out of it while we’re doing it.”

Listen to the full interview with Greg beginning at 14:34.

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