Posted By Staff Writers On March 31, 2023 @ 2:28 pm

CoStar has named the PCC Logistics lease of CenterPoint’s landmark development at the Port of Oakland its Impact Award winner for 2022’s “Lease of the Year in the East Bay.”

PCC Logistics signed a long-term lease for the 460,830-square-foot first-mile facility, CenterPoint Landing at Oakland Seaport, In Q1 ’22.

Patrick Metzger, Jason Ovadia , and Greg Matter of JLL represented CenterPoint. PCC was represented by Tom Damaschino and Sam Higgins from KBC Advisors.

“The Port of Oakland is critical to the Bay Area economy, and this lease represents an expansion of the port’s capabilities and provides local job opportunities,” CoStar Impact Award Judge Rachel Kram, a partner with CP Partners, said of what was one of “the largest deals” for the region last year.

Check out the CoStar article about the award and the Port of Oakland development.


CenterPoint's West Region Development Team and brokers at Port of Oakland Development
From left at CenterPoint at Oakland Seaport: CenterPoint Properties’ Blake Kelley, CoStar’s Tyson Marsh, CenterPoint Properties’ Ryan Kelleher, Bridget Fisher, John Lass, Kevin Lao, and JLL’s Patrick Metzger. (Photo courtesy of CoStar)


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