Posted By Staff Writers On July 14, 2020 @ 1:53 am

CenterPoint Properties Vice President of Investments, Greg Pearson, gave Bisnow insight into CenterPoint’s commitment to building strong professional and even personal relationships with tenants, property sellers, and municipalities.

Read what Bisnow wrote about the many benefits of taking a “hands-on” approach in its feature, “As Industrial Moves Into Cities, Developers Need To Embrace A More Personal Touch”:

“For decades, developers searching for land to build industrial properties preferred suburban areas for their affordability and ample open space. But today, some of the most valuable industrial assets aren’t massive facilities out in the suburbs — they are wedged into densely populated urban landscapes, as close as possible to consumers.

‘Suddenly the town square isn’t just filled with sedans and bikes, it’s filled with delivery trucks, vans and delivery boxes,’ said Greg Pearson, Vice President of Investments at CenterPoint Properties, which has developed and acquired more than 60M SF of industrial real estate. ‘Having 150 packages in any given lobby and a truck behind you at every stop sign is the new reality. We want to help cities embrace that.’  But convincing towns that they’re ready for this change isn’t always easy. Even if residents want their online purchases delivered in under two hours, they may have trouble adapting to the heavily deliverable future. That’s where developers need to employ a more personal touch.”

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