An Intensive Focus on Tenant Customer Service

At CenterPoint, "Zero Tenant Unhappiness" or ZTU is the guiding principle that drives our property management activities.

CenterPoint’s Approach to Tenant Satisfaction

In 1997, CenterPoint commissioned an independent study to uncover insights about our building and property management performance. Today, this annual survey is essential for telling us what we’re doing right and highlighting areas where we can improve as property managers.

Since 1999, we have surpassed the “Best Practices” threshold for tenant satisfaction (score of 85 out of 100) every year and successfully raised our score each year since 2000.

But for the CenterPoint team, Zero Tenant Unhappiness is more than an annual measurement or gauge of success — it’s our commitment to continuously improving our ability to meet our clients’ complex real estate needs with creative and flexible property solutions.