CenterPoint Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Giving back is an important part of CenterPoint’s company culture. In addition to our commitment to sustainable development and local job creation, CenterPoint CSR regularly participates in opportunities to make a difference in our community and to improve the lives of people in need. To date, CenterPoint has contributed to more than 100 charitable organizations nationwide.

Noteworthy CenterPoint Corporate Social Responsibility projects include:

CenterPoint’s Universal Service Day

Our annual Universal Service Day is a full-day event, organized by individuals within the Company to benefit charitable organizations across the nation. It is an opportunity for CenterPoint employees to contribute time and resources to a variety of charities. From packaging food and sorting and donating items to wrapping gifts, the CenterPoint team assists several nonprofit organizations as they work to help those in need.

The Fullersburg Woods Volunteer Project

CenterPoint team members played an important role in the Fullersburg Woods Volunteer Project in DuPage County, Illinois. As part of our commitment to preserving our nation’s natural resources and to protect native plant species, CenterPoint volunteers helped remove two invasive plant species (Dame’s Rocket and Garlic Mustard) from the Fullersburg Woods ecosystem.