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CenterPoint Intermodal Center - Elwood,IL

CenterPoint Intermodal Center, the redevelopment of the former Joliet Arsenal, brought together virtually all levels of government, more than a dozen public agencies and private industry to benefit the community under a common plan. One of the largest private developments ever undertaken in the United States, it encompasses 2,500 acres with a total investment of $1 billion.

At full buildout, the project is expected to create 8,000+ new jobs and eventually increase property tax revenue by as much as $27 million per year. This state-of-the-art intermodal and industrial business park features a 770-acre intermodal yard, BNSF Logistics Park - Chicago, and has the capacity for up to 12 million square feet of industrial and distribution facilities.

Significant improvements have been made not only to area infrastructure, but also to the region’s environment. Through $35 million in grants, new water and sewer systems have been constructed to clean up contaminated water in the community and serve park tenants and area residents. Similarly, $125 million is being used for essential roadway components of the development and other infrastructure.

Project Highlights

  • Total Investment:  $1 billion (to date)
  • Site Size:  2,500 acres
  • Total Building Space:  Up to 12 million square feet
  • Customer Use:  Distribution, Warehouse, Intermodal, Container/Equipment Management
  • Customers:  BNSF Railroad, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., DSC Logistics, Georgia Pacific, Potlatch, Sanyo Logistics, Partners Warehouse, California Cartage, Maersk, Bissell
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